Reasoned Analysis
Using industry and court-accepted analytical tools, EC-Specialists provides verifiable project analyses including productivity and schedule analysis. We perform inefficiency studies and issue identification. EC-Specialists personnel are proficient in the use of the latest computerized scheduling techniques and have the knowledge to interpret these results. Our management investigation enables us to establish a projectís history to develop the cause and effect relationships and modeling needed to predict results.

An Outside Perspective on Claims and Disputes
With a deep and diversified field of experience, EC-Specialistsí permanent staff will review the project with a balanced perspective and knowledge of technical issues.

Verifiable Damage Assessment
Using verifiable methods, the engineering and management experts at EC-Specialists develop models that accurately assess damages incurred on a project for efficient and rapid resolution to disputes.

The professionals at EC-Specialists illustrate complex issues clearly, making them easily understood even to those not intimately familiar with the project. EC-Specialists can also provide materials needed for oral presentation or, if requested, will prepare written documented expertís opinions.

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