Claims Consulting
A systematic approach to construction claims resolution.

With the multitude of personnel and materials involved in any construction or engineering project, the opportunities for
conflict are high. EC-Specialists employs a four-phase approach to all construction claims assignments, regardless of size.

1. We do a project overview to determine the objectives of the job and its current status.
2. We gather information relating to the project.
3. We conduct a thorough project analysis and provide an evaluation of the claims, whether submitted or potential.
4. We offer a solution.

By exercising this comprehensive process, the team at EC-Specialists facilitates solutions in many areas related to
construction claims:

• Delay
• Scheduling analysis
• Acceleration
• Changed conditions
• Owner-furnished material
• Inefficiency
• Multiple changes
• Bid miscalculation
• Superior knowledge
• Interference
• Disruption
• Suspension
• Productivity
• Damages
• Personnel

Additionally, EC-Specialists provides claims related services on an a Ia carte basis including, but not limited to:

• Forensic investigation
• Forensic management accounting
• Expert testimony
• Document research
• Mediation support
• Consulting
• Report and response preparation
• Investigation protocol
• Systems analyses
• Negotiation strategy

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