About Us

EC-Specialists (Engineered Construction Specialists, Inc.) is a construction management firm specializing in construction management consulting and support. Formed 1994, EC-Specialists brings extensive knowledge, experience and a spirit of resolution to each project challenge. EC-Specialists is committed to excellent service and has the resources needed to accurately analyze and communicate solutions to complicated construction problems.

EC-Specialists has the expertise and experience in engineering and construction to provide effective, innovative solutions for:

  • Mitigation and resolution of on-going problems
  • Project evaluation
  • Project execution
  • Public and private / foreign and domestic projects

EC-Specialists Core Values

Honesty-Integrity-Ethical Performance
We will conduct ourselves in a truthful, fair, sincere, moral, and frank manner, serving our customers and holding ourselves to the highest principles and ethical standards.

We will conduct ourselves and our business relations in a professional manner. We will provide services within our
expertise, in a timely manner, to the highest ethical standards.

We will keep our customers informed so that they understand the services that we are providing on their behalf and so that they can use these services to the betterment of their organizations. We will deliver our results promptly and with sufficient explanatory detail to impart an understanding to the customer, regardless of the message.

Customer Satisfaction
We will strive to satisfy our customers, keeping mistakes to a minimum and correcting the ones that occur regardless of our efforts. We will be responsive to the time constraints and deadlines that our customers must meet and rely on us to honor. We will remember that our services are provided to support and advance the businesses that employ us, while maintaining our ethical and professional standards.

Continuous Improvement
We will remember that we are hired for the expertise that we possess and continuously improve and update that expertise. We will learn from our experiences and translate those experiences into better service to our customers.

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